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November 27, 2022
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NAPSO'S Executive Director Addresses Tragedies in Dallas and Beyond
Updated On: Apr 13, 2018

This is a letter sent to local, state and national media on behalf of NAPSO following the tradegies in Dallas:

My name is Richard McCann and I am the Executive Director of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO), affiliated with CWA as Local 9110, AFL-CIO.  We represent more than 1,500 law enforcement officers throughout the state of Nevada in 21 separate public safety labor Unions under our umbrella.  We hold the seat for public safety on the Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Board and a Vice President’s position on the Southern Nevada Central Labor Council.  

We have witnessed these most recent tragedies in Dallas and our hearts are broken.  On behalf of NAPSO/CWA 9110, we offer our thoughts and prayers to those officers, their families and all law enforcement personnel across the nation.  These folks are true heroes.

But our pain does not stop with our brothers and sisters of Dallas law enforcement.  We grieve for the families of those men who recently died following interactions with law enforcement in Louisiana and Minnesota.  We pass no judgment on the officers in those two shootings, for that is the province of trained investigative teams and the judicial system.  However, we do demand that those officers’ rights be protected and that due process is followed like any other citizen.  

In the end, we must all put aside our differences to seek the truth behind these senseless killings and carnage and to learn how to stop it from continuing.  We must be prepared to acknowledge what is real – that we are killing ourselves and each other for no other reason that the color of our skin or the uniforms we wear.  It must stop.  It must stop now.  This is not a political issue.  It is a public safety issue.  It is an issue that threatens our society at its core.  We must do whatever is necessary to bring to an end the public divide between law enforcement and our civilian communities.  These acts are no less threatening to our way of life than the barbaric acts of terrorism that we watch take place across the planet each day.  Partisanship and narrow-mindedness in Congress seems to be an accepted (albeit unworkable) method of communicating and resolving conflicts.  But partisanship, bias, prejudice and bigotry between the races, the religions and those who are officers of the law is unacceptable.

While law enforcement must be prepared to acknowledge and accept accountability for its own misconduct, so too must the social movements like Black Lives Matter and others that have been born from these tragedies.  We call upon the police departments to police their own and denounce bad behavior when it is proven to exist.  We also call upon these social movements to step forward and publically denounce the actions of people who would murder law enforcement officers who were doing nothing more than protecting our homes, our children and our communities.   These brave officers in Dallas were gunned down by a coward who was motivated by the same racial hatred for which police officers themselves are being blamed across this nation.  

It’s time for law enforcement Unions and their members to be leaders in this challenge.  It’s time for law enforcement and civilians alike to step up to the plate, accept their own responsibility and fix this problem before it destroys us as a nation and as a world.  

NAPSO is reaching out to law  enforcement Unions across the country to come together and unite with a single message -- a message that denounces all of this needless violence and a message that we can and will achieve a successful result in forging more harmonious relationships within our communities.  

Thank you for your time.  

Messages from the Executive Director
On June 17, 2021, NAPSO Executive Director Rick McCann appeared on the Podcast known as The Problem Solver with retired New York City and Henderson, Nevada police officer David Kohlmeier to discuss NAPSO, its services to its statewide members, and the recent legislative session during which police reform issues received a lot of NAPSO's attention.

Click here for the video of that appearance

NAPSO is the only AFL-CIO affiliated group of law enforcement associations in Nevada that provides benefits and services to its statewide members.   

Click here for a video from Executive Director Rick McCann explaining NAPSO's statewide coverage

2021 Legislative Session

NAPSO Executive Director Rick McCann prepares periodic updates regarding the events of the 2021 legislative session.

Click here for a YouTube link to a summary of important law enforcement bills passed in the 2021 session.

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